Welcome to Serendipity Psychology

 Providing high quality, evidence-based psychological therapy for individuals (15+) in the Bundaberg Region. 

Serendipity is commonly understood to mean a happy accident. However, the term was derived from an old tale that told of two characters who made discoveries by chance (accident) and a little bit of wisdom (sagacity). 

Psychological health and wellbeing occurs in much the same way. We all make discoveries about ourselves based on the experiences we go through, and develop wisdom along the way. Sometimes, though, life can be tough, and we find ourselves in a place where we need a little help and support to move forward. 

How can Serendipity Psychology help you?

Serendipity Psychology is a Private Practice located in Central Bundaberg offering support for (but not limited to):


Body Image Concerns

Depression/Suicidal thoughts

Emotion Regulation Difficulties e.g. anger, self-harm

Gender Identity

Grief & Loss

Relationship difficulties



Trauma - childhood, military/emergency services, sexual assault

Thinking about making an appointment? It can feel very scary to take that first step to see a psychologist. Check out "Meet Amy" and "What to expect" to help you make your decision and feel more comfortable with your first visit.